Worship Services

We would like to invite you to listen to any of our available sermons.  We hope that you take the messages to heart and use the content to help you in your walk with Jesus.  You can also listen to music specials that were performed by members of the congregation.

2010 Messages & Music Specials

2011 Messages & Music Specials
2012 Messages & Music Specials

2014 Messages & Music Specials
2015 Messages & Music Specials
2016 Messages & Music Specials

2018 Messages & Music Specials

Sunday School -- starts at 9:30am

We offer classes for every age group.  Our Sunday School classes are broken up into age groups, which allows us to learn from others that may be experiencing the same issues in life.  The classes are tailored to relate to the different age groups to teach how to Biblically deal with real life situations that come up in our day to day lives.

Classes include:

  1. Cradle Roll (6 months – 3 years old)

               We teach them songs about God so they know about God at an early age.

  1. Nursery (4 – 5 years old)

               Nursery does small lessons about Jesus, God, and they do small crafts.

  1. Beginner Class (K – 1st Grade)

               We instill in the beginners that Jesus loves us and that we love Jesus.

  1. Primary Class (2nd – 3rd Grade)

               We grow upon what they have learned already.

  1. Middlers (4th – 5th Grade)

               We teach the middlers to respect their parents, to read the Bible, and to obey the commands from the Bible.

  1. Jr. High (7th – 8th Grade)

               We reach out to the Jr. High about problems they face in their Christian walk, how to live for God, and that immersion is important.

  1. Sr. High (9th – 12th Grade)

               We reach out to the Sr. High on everyday matters that affect them as a young Christian and how to deal with peer pressure.

  1. Young Adults (College - ?)

               We teach the young adults as college students on how to live as a Christian when they start out on their own. As first time parents we
               teach them how to have a Christian family/home.

  1.  Adult Classes

               For the adults we teach them subjects from the Bible and how to relate to their family, employees, etc.

Sunday Morning Service -- starts at 10:30am

The Sunday morning service is a tremendous opportunity to learn about the Lord and how to Biblically deal with some of today's toughest issues that Christians deal with in today's society.  The messages will teach us about how to apply the messages, stories, and guidelines in the Bible to our daily lives and take that closer walk with Jesus.

We also make it a priority to teach about the importance of repentance and baptism.  We believe that one has to be immersed in order to be saved.  The process does not end there.  One needs to continue in the faith and live according to the Bible and the example set by Jesus.

Participating in weekly Communion (breaking of bread) is offered each Sunday in our congregation and is an essential practice in any Christian's life.

Kids' Church -- Held during the Morning Service  (1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month)

Junior Church will run during the regular Sunday Morning Service in one of the classrooms in the church building.  The children will have the opportunity to learn about the Lord and develop strong Christian friendships at the same time.  The children will learn Bible lessons that will teach them about how to live a Christian life and grow up to be the next leaders of the congregation.  The lessons will be taught in a fun way that will help the children retain the material that is taught because this is the most important lessons they will ever learn.
Sunday Evening Service -- starts at 6:00pm

This is another great opportunity to become closer to the Lord and receive more knowledge of God's Word.

Every month with five Sundays, the 5th Sunday is "Talents for Jesus Night" during our evening service our members share their talents to Glorify the Lord.  Everyone has a talent that they can use to show their love for the Lord, whether it is telling a story, singing a song, playing an instrument, or reciting a poem. 

There is also an opportunity to partake in communion if you were unable to attend the morning service.

Youth Group Meetings -- starts at 6:00pm (held every Sunday)

We offer opportunities for the youth in our congregation & the community to learn about Jesus and God's Word in a fun and exciting way.  We provide a mixture of games, movies, lessons, and crafts all geared towards teaching the children about being a Christian and life's important lessons, such as, patience, helping others, and working together.  For information about the services that we offer our youth, please click the link above for the youth page.
Mid-Week Bible Study -- Wednesdays at 10:00am

Wednesday night Bible study provides another opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and learn more about His word.  This is a time to fellowship and prayer in order to grow in the Lord.
Group Outings & Congregational Activities

We participate in many activities and outings that give us an opportunity to reach out to the community and teach others about the Lord, about being a Christian and how wonderful it is.  Our choir recently visited a few of the area nursing homes and retirement villages to spread the joy of the Lord.

Our annual church picnic was held at Idlewild park this year.  It was a tremendous opportunity to fellowship with one another and grow closer as a family of God.  We also invited 3 other area Christian Churches and plan to expand and grow the participation in the coming years.  We believe that it is important to fellowship together and grow and develop as many Christian influences and friendships as possible in order to make that walk with Jesus a little easier.

We recently attended an Altoona Curve game and around 35 members of the congregation participated in the event and we were truly blessed with a wonderful night of fellowship and fun.  We also had the opportunity to celebrate one of our elder's birthday while at the ball game.

We are always looking for the next great adventure to take as a congregation.  If you have any ideas for activities, trips, or charity opportunities that we can take part in, please feel free to email youth@fcocbolivar.com with your ideas.

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