Supported Missions

The church leaders take mission support seriously, we believe that the Church should support missions on a regular basis; however, we are careful in selecting which missions we will support.

We first analyze our current financial status to determine how much we can afford to donate on a monthly basis, and then we look at each mission to determine if it is Biblically sound and exactly what the mission promotes.  The support comes from you and your offerings.  The missions are paid out of the Church's General Fund from the offerings.

Currently we support four different missions on a monthly basis.  The following are our current missions:

Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch

In America’s Heartland, there’s a safe haven for abused and neglected children. This safe haven is called Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch, where we believe that helping children puts you close to the heart of God.

Since 1977, when Shiloh was founded, hundreds of children, most from abusive, neglectful homes have received a second chance here. They’ve been able to experience the love of Jesus Christ and call Shiloh their home.

For more information on this ministry please visit Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch's web site.

Sherry Nunez
GAP Ministries
Our primary goal has been and will be the mission of Christ, that is, to seek and to save those who are lost.
This is done by:
  1. Preaching
  2. Preaching Recruitment
  3. Radio Ministry
  5. Preacher Camp
  6. Foreign Travel
  7. Meeting Physical Needs
  8. Newsletter

We train our preacher recruits through the Summit Theological Seminary in Peru, IN, George Faull, President, North East Ohio Bible College, and through local church preacher training programs.

We, The First Church of Christ in Bolivar, established a scholarship for the annual "You Men's Preaching Seminar" sponsored by GAP Ministries.  The scholarship will provide for up to five young men to attend the seminar should they be financially unable to attend.

For more information on this ministry please visit the GAP Ministries Web Site.

Christian Restoration Association (CRA)

Our Mission
To be a helping hand to the churches.

Our Platform
The Bible: God's revelation to man, its authority and finality, man's only rule of faith and practice.
The Christ: The only begotten Son of God man's only Savior and Lord.
The Church: The true tabernacle which the Lord pitched, and not man.
The Gospel: The power of God unto salvation, its proclamation and defense.
The Unity of Believers: In the "unity of the faith" as prescribed in the New Testament.
                                                 The Fellowship: Of brethren of "like precious faith," in the furtherance of the gospel and the building of churches of
                                                                             Christ according to the Bible pattern.

Our Position
The Position of Christian Churches by Professor Donald A. Nash
What are Christian Churches or Churches of Christ, anyway? They are congregationally governed bodies with no official organization controlling them. They desire to reproduce in doctrine, life, and practice the church founded by Christ.

For more information about the this ministry please visit the CRA web site.


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